Saturday, November 05, 2016

Saturday thrift shopping: teal heels and more

No yard sales now, but we did stop by the thrift store this morning. Mr. Fixit was smitten with a vintage armchair (the kind our grandparents had with prickly upholstery), and an equally vintage (and large) television set that needed repairs.  The chair was a great price, but it had some hard metal things in it that would poke you in the back, so he decided to pass on it. The T.V. was a silent-auction item, so he's thinking about going back later to make a bid on that. Lydia found a very very good deal on a name-brand purse for herself (she notices these things).

I was looking at clothes today more by colour than by function, and I found a couple of things that matched what I had in mind. These tops were all $2 or $2.50 apiece:
I am a terrible shoe shopper. I tend to stick to practical colours (other than my purple sneakers); I'm happy just to find something that fits. And you would think that there would be even less chance of finding nice shoes that fit at the thrift store, but I've actually gotten lucky with that several times. So who honestly needs a pair of teal pumps in their closet? Me, me, me.
Books were a dollar apiece this week. You can't see what these all are from the covers, but the red one is a paperback copy of Barbara Leonie Picard's retelling of The Iliad (used not so many years ago in Mrs. Norton's PNEU school); and the others, counter-clockwise, are the Faber Book of Modern Verse, which has a lovely vintage 1930's look to it, and includes several poems by T.S. Eliot; a history of Bruce County in Ontario, along Lake Huron; and The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared.
Overall, a very successful thrifting trip. (Can I sleep with the shoes under my pillow?)

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Terra Heck said...

Looks like you got some good deals. I enjoy shopping at thrift stores and going to yard sales.