Saturday, November 30, 2013

It's Advent Not Christmas: Before It Begins

Starting tomorrow, watch for a series of posts called "It's Advent Not Christmas."

Longtime Treehouse readers may remember the story of our toddler-aged Apprentice, who caught on to the idea of Advent so well that she corrected a well-meaning grownup who asked her, mid-December, if she wasn't excited that it was Christmas.  "Save a little Christmas for Christmas," went the words to a song in one animated T.V. special.

Advent, thankfully, seems too hard for the stores to package and the radio stations to overdo. It's a sacred time and space.  It's a place to reflect.  But sometimes even that's hard to pin down.  What is the real deal about Advent?

Maybe we can explore that in the days to come.

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