Monday, November 04, 2013

Dollygirl's Grade Seven: We start Week 9

Plans for Monday's School:
Geography:  In Search of England, chapter 9, part 1:  we read together about Hadrian's wall, and about Mr. Morton's imaginary conversation with a wet, sneezing Roman soldier from the original wall-guarding troops.

Copywork, from the same chapter.

Plutarch's Life of Coriolanus, Lesson 8 from the Ambleside Online notes.  Our question to think about:  if Coriolanus was offered his "old job back" at this point (i.e. the opportunity to return to Rome), would he take it?--or would he rather stay with his new friends, the Volsces, who now say they will have no other captain?

Easy Grammar Plus:  one page on past participles.

Natural History:  Discussion of the idea that many nature notebooks weren't all art-based, that they often contained a larger proportion of written notes and simple observations (like Gilbert White's) about the local weather, what was ripening, what was nibbling in the garden.  Read a section from A Field Guide to Your Own Backyard about mushrooms, including the Destroying Angel type (something you do not want to be eating!).

French:  a short grammar lesson with Mom, then review one of the conversations in the Powerglide Ultimate Adventure.

The Sword and the Circle:  begin the story of Lancelot and Elaine.  Written narration.

Book of the Centuries, special daily work this week:  beginning some ink drawings of "artifacts" and things from different periods, on the blank side of the century pages.

Beat Algebra Before It Beats You, by Hal Torrance.

Sewing time:  Dollygirl has a special doll-outfit pattern she found online and wants to try.

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