Friday, November 22, 2013

Is it Friday already? (Dollygirl's Grade Seven)

How about we run through the day's plan backwards?  Maybe we'll even do it backwards.  Except for the first thing.  Or the last thing, whichever way you look at it.

At around dinner time, Dollygirl will be leaving with friends to go to a theater in another town.  Her friend's father is a drama teacher, and he's directing a production of Macbeth.  Dollygirl and her friend helped paint and plaster scenery a couple of weeks ago, so now they're getting to go see it put to use.

Using the book Alfred the Great, Dollygirl can choose one of "Alfred's Artifacts" to draw in her Book of Centuries.  (I think she might choose this one.)

Geology Study:  Start an experiment using alum to grow crystals.

Copywork from The Bronze Bow.

Read a chapter of The Bronze Bow.

Finish the last two Balance Benders in the book.

Read another section of In Search of England.

Practice Memory Work.

Read The Book of Acts together, from chapter 19.

Sing O Canada since it's Friday.

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