Monday, June 09, 2014

As we head into Week 36 (Dollygirl's Grade Seven, and I won't be writing that too many more times)

What's left to do?  We are in Week 36, but we might take two weeks to wind things up before exams.  Depends on how fast we read.

Basic Bible Studies, by Francis Schaeffer: #18, Never Lost Again.

Ourselves Book II: continue reading about some instructors of conscience

Ivanhoe--to the end!

Key to Geometry, finish Booklet 2.  Balance Benders.

French Smart, Unit 2 (marine life, irregular adjectives)

Shakespeare's King John (we have only a couple of pages to go)

Pllutarch's Life of Cicero--we still have a couple of lessons left

Summer, by Dallas Lore Shrp

Money Matters for Teens

Castle, by David Macaulay

Science:  complete the planned work on elements and the periodic table.

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