Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Books for Year Eight, from across the pond

Last year we read chapters from H.O. Arnold-Forster's History of England, using a downloaded PDF and printouts.  Enough of that, I thought.  Doesn't anybody out there have a hard copy?  The best deal, between the book price and shipping, was from a shop in England.  They also just happened to have quite inexpensive vintage copies of Van Loon's Story of Mankind and Marshall's History of English Literature.  And a paperback of The Trial of Charles I.  So, click click, there we were.  Canada Post helpfully delivered them to the wrong house--right number, wrong street--but we're used to that, and the neighbour there (who must have been puzzled at receiving a laundry-sized mail sack) brought them over on Sunday.
(like one of these)
The Arnold-Forster has been messily repaired with tape which is coming off too.  But I was not looking for a pristine copy--something with covers and real pages to turn was all I wanted.

All photos except the mail sacks by Mr. Fixit.  Copyright 2014 Dewey's Treehouse.

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