Sunday, June 01, 2014

Dollygirl's School Plans for this Week: two weeks to go!

(Cartoon by George du Maurier in Punch, 1871). The text reads: "Little Tommy (who has never been out of Whitechapel before). "Oh! Oh! Oh!"  Kind Lady. "What's the Matter, Tommy?"  Little Tommy. "Why, what a big Sky they've got 'ere, Miss!"

Plans for this week:

Natural History:  Dallas Lore Sharp, Summer

Ourselves Book II: "Instructors of Conscience: Nature, Science, Art"

How to Make a Universe with 92 Ingredients - Oceans & Seas, Water Water All Around, The Chemistry of Fizz-Ics

Read "Salt Through the Ages" in History of the Earth Vol. III: An Integrated and Historical Perspective

Play BrainBox: World, and science games

Bible studies:  continue Book of Numbers through chapter 21, and the Gospel of Mark

French Smart 7: Unit 2
Learn memory verse

Key to Geometry, Booklet 2, pages 29-41
Balance Benders Level 3

English History:  read about the reign of Edward III.  (We had not planned to go this far, but it makes sense now.)

Castle, by David Macaulay

Plutarch's Life of Cicero

Money Matters for Teens: "How Loans Work" and "How to Borrow Money"

Picture Talk:  finish study of Jan Vermeer

Ivanhoe: read up to chapter 39 if possible

Shakespeare's King John: finish Act V if possible.

Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang

The White Mountains, chapter 9, "We fight a battle"
 "...we all enter on the inheritance of the heavens and the earth, the flowers of the field and the birds of the air.  These are things to which we have right, no one can take them from us; but, until we get as much as a nodding and naming acquaintance with the things of Nature, they are a cause rather of irritation and depression than of joy."  ~~ Charlotte Mason, Ourselves Book II, "Nature, Science, Art"

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