Wednesday, June 04, 2014

School plans for Wednesday

1.  Opening time: hymn

2.  Oliver Goldsmith, "The Deserted Village" (we started this, will finish it in one or two more readings)

3.  Science:  DK Chemistry, pages 220-223 (start these pages anyway).  Look at this page too.   What is a chemical reaction?

4.  Plutarch's Life of Cicero, lesson 9.  "Cicero not only smashes the tables of the laws that Clodius created during his absence, but he declares every act invalid that was passed during that time, because Clodius wasn't legally entitled to be a Tribune anyway. Why does Cato feel that that is going a bit too far?"

5.  French: continue the workbook pages (marine animals, grammar)

6  Castle: pages 44-63 (read together).  Drawing in Book of Centuries. Watch a bit of this video (it corresponds with the book), from about the 17 minute mark to 23 minutes.
just short of that because the "garderobe" part was a little too realistic. yech.

7.  Key to Geometry

8.  Ourselves Book II:  two pages about our need for Nature.

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