Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What's up in the Treehouse

The weather is hot and sweaty.

Ponytails has one grade 11 exam left to go today, then she's free free free for the summer.

The Apprentice has been doing some odd jobs.  Today she's training for one of the oddest yet.  (It's legal. Just unusual.)

Mr. Fixit (and the Apprentice) did a bunch of fixit stuff around the house, involving cement work, water pumps, and plastic tubing.

Mama Squirrel has been cleaning out books (some are going to a church yard sale), typing up a schedule for September's school, and doing a few other homeschool-related things now that we're not actually doing school.  We just received a few lovely new (old) arrivals for the bookshelf--photos to come.


Lori B said...

Okay, now I'm curious. What odd job is J training for?? :)

Mama Squirrel said...

I'll email you.