Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Education is a discipline: Aspects, not subjects?

I'm going to send you over to JavaMom's blog today for a back-a-few-years post. Check out the vintage Parents' Review ads! But this is the part that I really liked.
... I'll share a quote by Monk Gibbon from the Parents' Review magazine that I've shown you today, which puts my thoughts on this matter into a nutshell.
He says, "Literature is not a 'subject.' Music is not a 'subject.' Drawing is not a 'subject.' Religion is not a 'subject.' Rather, are they all activities of the spirit, valid in themselves. And yet, they become 'subjects in the hands of the pedants."
pedant - a person who pays more attention to formal rules and book learning than they merit. 
1. One who pays undue attention to book learning and formal rules.
2. One who exhibits one's learning or scholarship ostentatiously.
3. Obsolete A schoolmaster.
Ouch! (for some). Sorry about that. Well, not really. My whole point of home educating (and guiding our children to self-educate) was to get off the track of "standardized education" and allow them the time to truly learn; to form relationships with great minds and with real things, FIRST hand, to seek wisdom, be led by the Holy Spirit, and to value learning. I'll stop there for now, or I may become preachy.
Thank you, JavaMom (and Mr. Gibbon)!

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