Friday, November 14, 2014

Sometimes I make other things: A paper-lunchbag memory book

Last summer I went to a rummage sale and picked up a couple of like-new Debbie Mumm scrapbooking sets: books of page backgrounds, stickers, and diecuts.
Today I cut one of them up to make a paper-lunchbag mini memory book. (Something like this tutorial.)
The front cover
The first set of inside pages (the one on the left is a pocket)
Another set of inside pages
A pocket page where I slipped in the leftover stickers
The back cover
An inside page that uses the bag openings as a pocket for more pullouts
View that shows the bottom edge (I trimmed that bit of white after I took the photos)
My favourite page again, the one with the egg-shaped pocket
The side edge.  I glued down the side of the front cover a little better after I took the photo.
(I am not a scrapbooker. I don't have the right adhesives or paper cutters. I just used scissors and glue, and yes, I know it shows. On the other hand, to paraphrase Pigpen, I didn't know it would turn out as well as it did!)

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