Friday, April 12, 2013

Dollygirl's Grade Six: Friday school, in the dark

Freak April storm:  our power was out (along with a lot of other houses) until just after lunch.  So we did school unplugged. UPDATE: As of Sunday, some people in this area are still without power--so we were in the minority, getting it back in only a few hours.)

Opening songs and prayer

New Testament reading:  The Transfiguration.

Math:  Continue with Key to Percents Book I.  We were amused by the familiar Miquon-style "circle 50 per cent of the happy faces" in this book.

Literature:  The Fellowship of the Ring.

Tea made over a propane camp stove in the garage.

10-minute dictation from The Fellowship of the Ring (Dollygirl's request).  Saruman's attempt to draw Gandalf into his all-about-me ambitions.

Drawing Techniques:  Adrian Hill's theory of the "Line of Adventure."  (Comments on that here, sorry about one or two of the words.)

Citizenship: Never Give In (Churchill biography), two chapters.

Exodus to McDonald's for lunch because it sounded better than heating something over the propane stove.  Arrival back home to find that the power had just come on again.  See update above--a lot of people were without heat and light all weekend.

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