Thursday, April 04, 2013

Southey Quote for the Day: Shake hands like Englishmen.

From Southey's Life of Nelson, from the description of the Battle of Trafalgar.

"Collingwood, delighted at being first in the heat of the fire, and knowing the feelings of his commander and old friend, turned to his captain and exclaimed: 'Rotherham, what would Nelson give to be here!' Both these brave ofiicers, perhaps, at this moment thought of Nelson with gratitude for a circumstance which had occurred on the preceding day. Admiral Collingwood, with some of the captains, having gone on board the Victory to receive instructions, Nelson inquired of him where his captain was, and was told in reply that they were not upon good terms with each other. 'Terms!' said Nelson; 'good terms with each other!' Immediately he sent a boat for Captain Rotherham, led him, as soon as he arrived, to Collingwood, and saying, 'Look, yonder are the enemy!' bade them shake hands like Englishmen."

Photo of Nelson's statue found here.

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