Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dollygirl's Grade Six: School plans for Wednesday

Opening hymn and prayer

Read Stars and Planets independently.  Narrate.  Dollygirl's question: how can scientists predict what will happen if and when the sun burns out?  I suggested she talk it over with the Apprentice when she gets here today.

Quick French review (homemade worksheet, matching new vocabulary)

Augustus Caesar's World:  "Augustus the God."  Use a copy of "The Caesar Family" (page 307) to follow some of the new family connections that were made (by marriage) or broken (by death or divorce) during this time.  Talk about how Augustus "became" a god to the Romans, what that meant, and why the Jewish people seemed to be the only holdouts.

Balance Benders Level 2

Geography:  review the lesson about Tintagel and watch a video tour.  The video explains why it was built as a "ready-made empty castle."

Handwriting--calligraphy pen practice and/or C.S. Lewis quotes. 

Readaloud:  The Fellowship of the Ring.

Only if we have time:  picture study, "Butterflies." 

The Apprentice has an interview for a summer job (in this area) this morning, so she'll be home at lunch.  [UPDATE: she got the job!]  Mr. Fixit has a doctor's appointment half an hour away (and near a good antiques market), so he won't be home until after lunch.  Mama Squirrel and Dollygirl will be at the thrift store for the afternoon, unless Dollygirl decides to stay home for some sister-time.   And that means dinner will probably be in the slow cooker.

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