Thursday, April 04, 2013

Dollygirl's Grade Six: School plans for Friday

New Testament: Saviour of the World, "The Pilgrimage to Hermon."

"The Passover draws nigh and we go up
That at Jerusalem I may drain the cup,
That bitter cup the Father offereth Me ;
And ye, My friends, shall see."

Arithmetic:  Arithmecode puzzle.

Cititzenship (30 minutes): book about Winston Churchill, Never Give In, pages 29-40. 

"Drill", break

Dictation--switch this today for French.  Review the picture described earlier in the week, and use printed-out sentence fragments to make new sentences.

Grammar (20 minutes): How to Speak Politely (read this together)

Writing:  continue copywork from C.S. Lewis quotes

Singing and Memory Work:  Practice the song learned earlier in the week; sing a couple of old ones.  Practice the poem being learned.

Afternoon work: 1.  Read the first scene of Love's Labour's Lost.  2.  Art time.  3.  Discussion of "weekend reading."

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