Monday, April 22, 2013

Frugal Doll Fashion Runway, Spring 2013

Crissy's print top and shorts:
Fabric, Wal-mart fat quarters
Pattern; shorts, Simplicity 9698; top, Simplicity 9138 (vintage Crissy pattern)

Jean vest:

Fabric, recycled fleece poncho and denim skirt
Vest pattern from Bunkhouse Books' Stitches & Pins: 

Pink fleece pants:
Fabric, recycled fleece poncho
Pattern: Stitches & Pins "pajama pants"
Green turtleneck and pants:
Fabric, recycled stretch-knit top (the sleeves became the pants legs)
Turtleneck pattern from Sew the Essential Wardrobe for 18-inch Dolls, by Joan Hinds and Jean Becker
Pants pattern: Stitches & Pins, "pajama pants"

Green v-neck top:
Fabric from a thrift-store grab bag
Pattern: Stitches & Pins "pajama top"

Plaid pants:  sewn from dollar-store men's boxer shorts!
African-print shirt, made for an 18-inch doll but recently trimmed down for Crissy:
Fabric from an outlet-store grab bag
Pattern: Stitches & Pins "pajama top"

Crissy's jean shorts:
Fabric, recycled denim skirt
Pattern: shorts from Simplicity 9698 (Crissy pattern), but made longer

Corduroy skirt and fleece-lined vest:
Fabric, recycled fleece poncho; corduroy from thrift-store grab bag
Skirt pattern: Stitches & Pins
Vest pattern: Stitches & Pins

All photos by Dollygirl.  Copyright 2013 Dewey's Treehouse.

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