Friday, April 25, 2014

Big Book Sale

The University Women's annual book sale is having its fiftieth anniversary, so in honour of that, the prices were half what they normally charge.  Which was already pretty low, but that's even better.

So for under ten dollars, I brought home:

Oxford Book of English Verse, 1961 edition (different from the older one I have)

Fowler's Modern English Usage, with a 1939 inscription

Gods, Graves, and Scholars, 1953 hardcover

The Australia Book, by Eve Pownall, illustrated by Margaret Senior

The Wrong Box, by Robert Louis Stevenson & Lloyd Osbourne, The World's Classics Series, small hardcover with dust jacket, 1954 printing...with an inscription by one of my own poetry professors...easily my favourite find tonight.

Froissart's Chronicles, Everyman's Edition

The Golden Book of the Renaissance, adapted for young readers by Irwin Shapiro

Feeding Wild Birds in Winter, by Clive Dobson

Hands on Nature: Introducing Flowers, Ferns, Fungi, & More

Secret Laughter, by Walter de la Mare (Puffin paperback)

Fanny and the Monsters, by Penelope Lively

Rebecca's Nancy, by Joan Reimer Goman.  It's a cute little storybook about an Old Order Mennonite girl who can't find her rag doll.

For the Scholastic shelf:
Is This You?, by Ruth Krauss and Crockett Johnson
Questions and Answers About Ants, by Milicent E. Selsam
Kid Power, by Susan Beth Pfeffer


Jeanne said...

Do give me your impression of The Australia Book. It is highly popular amongst CMers in Australia, but despite the lovely illustrations, I found it impossible to read. It is sort of just headlines, I think, with no personality. I have never used it.
Anyway, I'd love your thoughts.

Mama Squirrel said...

I just got it for fun--but I did read your post on it and I know you were disappointed.