Friday, September 05, 2014

Old Homeschool Moms

These days I feel less and less like a homeschool mom. Whatever that is.

My eighth grader is now doing so much of her own schoolwork, that when I do pick up the odd book to read out loud, she wants to know why.

She's choosing her own copywork from Les Miserables, which isn't a school book but which she's decided to read anyway.

She's managing a lot of her math work on her own.

I seem to have worked myself out of a job.

(I did teach her how to tie a sheet bend this week.  I was not a Girl Guide for nothing.)


TenArrows said...

All those signs definitely mean that you've done an awesome job, Mom!

Susan Gaissert said...

As another homeschool mom who worked her way out of a job, I say pat yourself on the back and go out and follow your passion. Congratulations, Mom!