Monday, February 21, 2005

Wind in the Willows, Narration by Ponytails

Wind in the Willows is a very funny book. The toad named Toad, he got in prison for driving someone else's car. How he got to be driving someone's car, I'll tell you. He wanted to get out of his bedroom, because he was locked in there, because he was very very very very very bad, because he was borrowing a motor car from a company. What he did is, when the rat named Rat, he came into the room for his turn to watch Toad (because of his badness); he was pretending that he was going to die. He was going "bring me a doctor, please, bring me a doctor" and he said "bring me a lawyer, bring me a lawyer." And Rat said yes. When Rat went out to find the lawyer and doctor, Toad came out of bed and he tied all his sheets together to make a big rope. He climbed down from his window.

Now, this is how he came into the person's car. He walked along the sidewalk and he came to a little cafe. He ordered all the fancy stuff and expensive stuff, because his home was called Toad Hall. He was very very rich. And this car came up and it was an expensive motor car. And they came in and Toad went out. And if you know what happens now, he went and took the car for a little spin. And he went very very fast and he got caught by the police and they put him into jail. The End.


TheHeadGirl said...

That is a delicious (in the Anne-esque sense) narration! Thanks for sharing... it was so much fun to read!

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

I love this narration. We are just finishing Heidi (last chapter will be tomorrow!), and I was trying to decide what to read next. I think Wind in the Willows just got bumped to the top of the list!

Mama Squirrel said...

Ponytails says thank you for your nice comments; she adores an audience.

The Apprentice said...


Awesome job! That is a great narration. Will you please do some more?