Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Frugal Finds and Fixes in Fall

I haven't blogged here much this fall, for a couple of reasons. One is that I've been kind of swamped with course work and other writing projects. Another is that I have an IG account, and sometimes it's quicker to post snapshots there , even if only a few people can see them.

But here are some frugal and fixing updates. 

Our front hall closet had a heavy bi-fold door that was awkward to open. Mr. Fixit realized that it was also almost ready to fall off its hinges, and it couldn't be easily fixed. He replaced it with an accordion door from the home store.
He also got some LED shop-fixture lights for the garage (on sale). Good ceiling lights mean he can work on things out there when it's too cold to have the door open for light.

We spent an interesting morning at a flea market, and picked up a framed poster to go in a spot between the living room and dining room spaces.
One of the volunteers at the thrift store introduced me to West German vintage pottery with this jug (or vase, whatever). We're gradually adding things that make our new space feel like home.
Thrifted clothes: yes, I've added some new things. This teal faux-leather jacket lit up all my "where have you been hiding" sensors. It's a bit more green than it appears in the photo. Now I'm hoping the weather doesn't get too bad too fast, so I'll maybe get to wear it a few times before it's completely snow-coats and mittens.
I also found a navy silk shirt that I liked because it wasn't too heavy or too dark.
I got my hair cut at the walk-in place inside Walmart. They're usually pretty good, and inexpensive. I think I've only had one really bad cut there, and even that time the manager gave me a free do-what-we-can-to-fix-it job.

I don't usually wear bracelets--they clunk around and get in the way. But I had noticed some I liked online, made of multicoloured beads. Last week we went to a community "art walk," and an artist we know was selling similar handmade bracelets to support World Vision. So I got my bracelet, and everybody benefited.
Thrifted books: also more than pictured here, but you get the idea. I have wanted to read The Scent of Water for years, but never saw a copy until today.
Some frugality is about saying no...or later...or again, just no. I found a pair of black zippered boots, and looked at having them re-soled. One of them has a small hole, so they would need the full (expensive) treatment. What I've noticed, though, aside from the soles, is that they are just a bit higher than the ankle booties I usually wear, and they hit my legs at an uncomfortable spot. So, okay, lesson learned--that pair will be going back to the thrift store.

And a lot of frugality is about buying nothing new (or used) at all. Making do and using it up. Reading the books that are waiting on the shelf. We have been using the same dinner plates for the past twenty years, and our cutlery for almost thirty.  Also most of our pots and pans (wedding presents). Grandma's kitchen table was in our apartment kitchen, but now it's in Mr. Fixit's workroom. We have a blow-dryer that's years and years old, still going.

(But we do need a new Christmas tree!)

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Wear Away

What to take on a three-day weekend trip? This is what Janice at The Vivienne Files calls a six-pack. You wear three things and pack the other six.

One backpack
One tote bag
One coat
Two tops
One dress
One skirt, one pair of jeans
One flannel shirt
Two pullovers
One blazer
Two scarves
One belt
One pair of shoes

One pair of boots
And the boring bits like tights and pajamas and a hairbrush. And a re-useable coffee mug.

(Almost everything pictured, except for the boots, the backpack, and some of the jewelry, came from the MCC Thrift Store. One sweater was consignment. Oh, and the plaid shirt was from Giant Tiger.)