Betty Bunny Hops Again

Betty Bunny is planning another extended trip around Rabbit Land. Her latest science-fiction novel, Waterspaceship Down, has caused such a sensation that she's been asked to do a book tour. She'll be stopping at libraries and bookstores, signing autographs with her always-busy quill pen, and answering questions from her fans. As this tour will start when there's still snow on the ground, continue through the spring holidays (which happen early this year), and  last through  April, she's going to need a whole variety of clothes, although she's not going to have room for more than a small suitcase. Let's hop along with Betty and see how this plays out.

    Betty Bunny’s Wardrobe Inspirations

Pottery earrings from a craft sale  (sure, rabbits can wear earrings, why not?) 

      Two scarves: one navy with pink and purple flowers and green leaves; one much lighter, but also floral.

Betty's Winter-to-Spring Clothes List

Neutral Basics (13)

Dark blue dress-length tank top (worn as a slip or an emergency nightgown)

White t-shirt, black and white striped t-shirt   

White buttoned shirt  

Blue polka-dot shirt

White mock-neck pullover (switch later for white linen pullover)

Lightweight navy crewneck pullover

Dark blue wool cardigan 

Grey hoodie sweatshirt

Blue jeans

Two pairs of navy pants    

Light grey corduroy pants (switch later for plain cotton pants)

Accent Clothes (9)

Eggplant fleece dress (cold weather)

Red/pink striped dress (warmer weather)

Purple suede shirt-jacket

Teal ruffled jean jacket

Jade T-shirt, long sleeves

Sky-blue cotton cardigan

Blue V-neck top

French-grey wrap dress (can be worn open)

Dark pink long-sleeved jersey t-shirt

Outdoor (2+)

Snow jacket, boots, hat/gloves

White spring jacket, umbrella

Travels with Betty

In February, Betty packs a bag with all her cold-weather items, leaving a few of the lighter-weight things handy to pick up when she has the chance to get home for a few days.

Her travel outfit: purple shirt-jacket she found at a vintage store; eggplant fleece dress, tights, boots, scarf

Her first stop is to see her fun-loving brother Robert.

You just never know where he's going to pop up.

Jeans, hoodie, and a t-shirt: this is pretty much her uniform while she's at Robert's house.

But duty calls, and she makes a stop at Dingle Bunny's Book Emporium and Barbershop.

For this appearance, she wears her purple jacket, navy sweater, and navy pants.

The next day, she says goodbye to Robert, who is tired of the winter and has decided to fly somewhere warm and go surfing. Betty herself will be travelling by train, to go visit her friend Lucy Pocket and her cousin Maud.

She wears her dark-blue cardigan, pink t-shirt, and her other pair of navy pants. She also puts on her warmest coat, because it's been snowing. But when she gets to Lucy's part of Rabbit Land, the weather is quite warm, and the flowers are blooming.

Their village musical society has been planning an evening's entertainment for Valentine's Day. (Maud is already practicing.) Betty looks through her clothes to see what might work. "That pink t-shirt you're wearing would be  fine," Lucy says, but Betty decides to dress it up a bit with her purple jacket and a scarf.
Betty stays in the village for a few days, and runs into her cousins Tom and Rocky while she's out shopping, so she treats them to ice cream. Rocky plays her his latest blues song.

(She's wearing a teal jean jacket, navy pullover, and jeans, with a vintage woven purse and navy loafers.)

On the first day of March, Betty makes a brief stop at home, does some laundry, and exchanges her heavy fleece dress for a springier striped one, her cords for a pair of cotton pants, and her winter pullover for a lighter-weight one. She has to get back on the road, though, because there are more book stops, plus some bunny holidays coming up. This time she's travelling by bus, and wearing a polka dot shirt, white pullover, and jeans (plus a jacket, because it's still not very warm).

Her first book signing this month is at the Luv 2 Read Shop in Hopperville. She's wearing a white sweater, white shirt, and greige cotton pants.

At first it seems like she's going to be alone with her pile of books.

Small Rolly shows up and insists on reciting the very long poem he's been composing about carrots.

Her cousin Rosa also has a lot to say (but isn't at all interested in buying a book).

But Betty's day brightens considerably when one of Rabbit Land's true celebrities drops in at the bookstore.

The eighteenth of March is St. Peter Rabbit's Day, if you're a bunny. It's a good day to wear something green.

Wrap dress, jade t-shirt, navy pants

The bunny choir and band are in full voice.

Betty is asked to autograph books during the picnic afterwards. Rolly has added eighteen more stanzas to his poem.

And March goes on, with a couple more book stops, and a family birthday party. After all that, Betty makes another stop at home, and does some laundry. In April, she will have three final book stops to make, including a rabbit sci-fi convention, so she needs to make sure she has enough clothes to last.

Her first requested stop is at the Bunny Branch Library. Unfortunately, they double-booked her with children's story time, so she is asked to entertain the bunny tots. 

Being her usual buoyant and bubbly self, Betty agrees. But she thinks it is probably a good thing that she is wearing her jean jacket, striped t-shirt, and jeans. Especially when the paw paint comes out.

Her second stop in April is the Lady Rabbits' Book Club Tea. She wants to dress up for this one, so she wears her grey wrap dress with a blue cotton cardigan, pearls, a clutch bag, and her nicest boots.

A very sweet lady mouse brings her special cake for the occasion.

Finally it's the day of the Cottontail Sky Fi Convention. Betty has never been to anything like this before.  She doesn't know what to wear, but she thinks something sky-blue would be appropriate.

She finds the company a bit strange.

But she does make a new friend.

They decide to go out for dinner afterwards. Betty stops off at her Bunny B&B and puts on a nice dress. 

When she wakes up the next morning, she realizes that the dress is still the cleanest thing she has in her bag, so she puts it on with her jean jacket, and hops home.

There's no place like one's own burrow. Especially when you're Betty Bunny with new stories to write.

NOTE: Most of the rabbits are vintage Pendelfin, and their names are as given by the makers. "Betty" is actually "Boswell," maybe because of the writing desk, but I think she's more of a "Betty."


Mr. Fixit said...

That Betty is a force to be reckoned with, always on the hop!

The Vivenne Files said...

You're a genius, you know that? Waterspaceship Down - I will laugh about that all week...

Write a children's book. Or two. Or a series! You have it in you; the world need another bunny heroine. And of COURSE she wears earrings - with ears like that, why not?

much love,