Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More from the apprentice

Well, I had my voice lessons yesterday...the teacher is quite nice and I had fun. She told me I had to bring two things next week: 1) A blank cassette. 2) A list of five songs I'd like to sing. Okay, so the tape I can handle, but the list? I am really having trouble with that. One thing is that I know it'll be easier singing songs with female vocalists, so that narrows it down a bit...but I still can't some up with anything! I think maybe one song might be Dancing Queen, but I know I'm going to have a hard time with four more. Oh well.

While I was getting the aforementioned can of icing, I stopped into the drugstore, because it's free sample week! (Sorry, I think it's only at this specific one.) So, what did I get? I got a nice assortment of stuff: John Frieda "brilliant brunette" Shine Release Moisturising Shampoo; John Frieda "brilliant brunette" Light Reflecting Moisturising Conditioner; John Frieda "brilliant brunette" Shine Shock perfecting glosser (stuff to make your hair shiny); Biore "Pore Perfect" pore unclogging scrub; Biore "Pore Perfect" Shine Control cream cleanser; Biore "Pore Perfect" Nose Strip (like a little mask for your nose). And...to top it all off, you can get different samples almost every day this week! Honestly, I think if I had gone the other days, and went in the days ahead, I'd have quite the arsenal of stuff!

On Thursday I'm having a knitting club at my house, I'm going to call it "Chicks with Sticks". So far, I've only got a few people coming. I hope I get a little more response. :( If you happen to be one of my friends reading my blog, and you want to come, let me know!!

I put some stuff in the sidebar: What I'm reading and what I'm knitting.


TheHeadGirl said...

Oh, I love the name "chicks with sticks!" That is great.

As for songs to sing: couldn't you pick a few folk songs?

Karen G. said...

So how did you like the book? I saw it while I was in the states, and put it on my wish list at Amazon, which means I might buy and read it sometime. Is it worth it? Would my almost-13yo daughter like it?

The Apprentice said...

head girl--Yes, I can pick whatever I want. Hymns, even.

krakovianka--I liked it. It wasn't the best written book of the century. It has a bit of weird stuff in it, like at one point they do this odd little ceremony. They also all end up with boyfriends at the end of the book, and they're only 15 or 16, there's a bit of stuff like that. Overall though, that didn't turn me off, because I really did enjoy it. Unfortunately, the sequel (Chicks with Sticks: Knit Two Together), which I haven't read yet, is more about their boyfriends. :P

What you might want to do is preview it first.

I'm not quite sure why I liked it, but I read it 2 1/2 times.

Hope I helped!

uniquematerial said...

Chicks with sticks sounds like a blast but I can't knit. Wish I could come anyway but my sticks would be from out in the woods. Maybe I could tap a fine beat for you all to knit by...:)