Saturday, March 17, 2007

In defense of snowmen, or why we're probably not moving yet

Recently the Squirrels have been looking carefully at a townhouse condo. These units are quite a few years old but the one we were looking at is still quite attractive although it needs some updates and repairs. It seemed like a good home for some home-loving Squirrels (even though there's no place for the ping-pong table).

Until last night when Mr. Fixit got the bright idea to call the property management people and settle some burning questions we had about what it's actually like to live there.

Well, the lady said, although it's not designated for seniors, it's always been marketed to seniors. And the residents are very fussy about keeping the rules, written and unwritten.

How fussy?

Well, they call her if someone plants the wrong colour of geraniums.


And there's one family there with children. During the last snowfall they built a snowman. Somebody called her about it.

To say how nice that was?

No, to complain that it was on the common area.



We don't keep Rottweilers, we don't have a band practicing in our garage, and we aren't planning on growing pot in the basement. But we still feel like we might be the cause of alarm for some of these poor people who don't have anything better to do than peek out the windows and worry about potential snowmen.

So it looks like we stay put for now...

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Anonymous said...

You really need to watch out for those subversive snowmen! ;)