Friday, August 01, 2008

Thrift shopping

I went to the thrift shop this afternoon--the one that's mostly good for books. I brought home a pretty good stack for a quarter and fifty cents apiece: a few picture books of the kind a seven-year-old would like; a Paddington book we didn't have (amazingly, since we already have half a dozen and I couldn't remember if we already had Paddington at Large); an Anatomy Colouring Book for The Apprentice, a Mad Libs for Ponytails, and Rumer Godden's A Breath of Air for me. Also a book of Psalms for singing

But the best thing was Scientific Explorer's Ancient Rome water-clock kit, which seems to be still new in the box (from the amount of shredded paper around the terra-cotta water-clock frame).

From Home-Education Magazine's Jan-Feb 2000 review (did you know you could find those online?):

The "Ancient Rome" Scientific Explorer Kit is a nice resource for students of historical time: this hands-on "History of Science" kit includes materials for assembling and calibrating an elegant terracotta water clock and for designing an early-Roman-style lunar calendar. The kit includes a booklet of background information, plus suggestions for further experiments. Available from Scientific Explorer, Inc., 2802 E. Madison, Suite 114, Seattle, WA 98112; (800) 900-1182;
Well, actually, it's not, they don't make these anymore.

But it still looks like fun!


Anonymous said...

I SO love thrift store shopping. Seriously, the thing I miss most about living in the US, apart from family of course. I'm almost jealous... :)

Trujillo, Peru

molytail said...

Oh I wish out thrift shops had books! We just have a Frenchys (clothes) and a Salvation Army store - the latter has a sign up that they don't want books, so they rarely have them...when they do, it's just a handful.

I did find lots of good ones at a two-day used book sale that was helf at the mall here back a few months ago...

The one second hand book store we have charges an arm and a leg.

Neat science kit, sounds like fun!

molytail said...

oops, that should be "our" not "out"!