Tuesday, June 08, 2010

New nightwear for Crystal

Crystal is Crayons' 18-inch doll. We found her at a yard sale last summer. She's very pretty but needs The Apprentice to help her with a bad case of bed-head.

The patterns are from the doll pattern book that goes with Bunkhouse Books' Stitches and Pins. There are doll-size patterns available for all the sewing books, including the boys' book Buckles and Bobbins (although the doll clothes there are still modelled by girl dolls!). They also sell individual patterns, including the pajamas, but the books are a better deal. You can probably follow the doll package patterns without having the main book to refer to, especially if you have medium sewing skills and have done doll clothes or real-size clothes before; but I wouldn't give just the doll package to a young or inexperienced sewer unless there was someone around to help. The patterns are full size and easy to photocopy, but the directions are brief and (at least in the pajama pattern) occasionally forget to mention things. The Triangle Scarf, Pajama Pants and Top turned out well; I tried the Slippers but they didn't stay on Crystal's feet. [Forgot to mention: Crayons did some of the sewing on this along with Mama Squirrel.]

If the fabric looks vaguely familiar, it's because we used the leftovers from last year's "Sense and Sensibility" apron project.

"OK, guys, photo shoot's over."

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