Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hymns to Fireworks: (Indiana Journey, last day)

Sunday was kind of an incredible day all round. It started with hymn singing in Indiana and ended with fireworks in Toronto.

Image from the Toronto Star, because my photos weren't nearly that good. You can see a video at this link.

The hymn singing wasn't technically part of the retreat--it was just how those of us hosting (plus a couple of friends) spent the last while together. (Reminiscent of the big carol sing in A Muppet Family Christmas.) Highlight of the goodbyes (you need there to be a laugh when you are asunder parting): one of the moms was doing her usual silly-deep-voice dog-to-English interpreting for Ronan the Giant Dog, and her toddler started mimicking her. She really nailed the deep voice.

A small group of us got dropped off at the Chicago airport mid-afternoon, and I had the option of taking an earlier flight than my ticket said. That was fine by me, so after we shared pizza and goodbyes, I headed off to my gate and got on a packed flight for Toronto. (They must have sold me the last ticket.)

When we had landed and were waiting for the ferry boat to get us the 400 feet to the mainland, there was one of those news-TV things on the wall in front of us that said there were going to be fireworks shot off from the CN tower that evening, to mark the closing of the Pan Am games. I got to the Apprentice's place of residence (I planned to stay there and get home by bus the next day), and mentioned the fireworks. When it got dark, sure enough, there they went, three minutes of you-aren't-going-to-see-this-often firework art. We could see them from her back deck.

And the morning came, and the bus ride, and Mr. Fixit was there to pick me up at the terminal. How else would I want to end the story?

But if I've forgotten anything, you can just ask.

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