Friday, March 02, 2018

Frugal finds and fixes: Which way round?

Finds: I bought this vintage teal and pink paisley dress at the thrift store today. It doesn't look like much on the hanger, and my colour-erratic photographs aren't helping; but look closer. Can you see the nice front tucks, the dolman sleeves, and the stand-up collar? (This photo is closer to the real colour; the others are a bit too blue.)
 It's also much improved with accessories, like a scarf and a belt:
 What if you turned it around, opened the zipper partway, and layered it over a top or a scarf? Instant shirt-dress.
 What if you belted it up, to look more like a jacket?
 What if you turned it back around again, to look more like a blouse?
 I think I like it best as a dress, but I will probably wear it the other ways too.

Finds: a makeup book for Lydia
Fixes: Our iron is thirty years old. It had been temperamental for awhile, and then stopped heating altogether. Mr. Fixit took it apart, and said that the cord and the plug needed to be replaced. He stopped in at an older hardware store that still assumes people want to fix irons, and found this funky-looking new cord. One less appliance in the landfill.
 Finds: Magazines are a great bargain at the thrift store, even when they're a couple of years old.

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