Thursday, July 12, 2018

An Infrequent Traveller, Part Five: Sort of a 10 x 10 Challenge

In a 10 x 10 Challenge, you're supposed to have only ten clothing items for ten days. But The Vivienne Files website sometimes does a mini-wardrobe called Whatever's Clean 13. That's what this is, except that I have only twelve items. If I could fit in a thirteenth, and if it was going to be cold at all, I'd take a lightweight pullover sweater. But it is not likely to be cold on this trip, unless I get into arctic-level air conditioning. Well, maybe the pullover's not such a bad idea.

(Almost all the clothes came from the thrift store.)

Clothing items:

Grey cardigan (for cold airplanes)
Raspberry button--up shirt

Blue linen t-shirt
Violet cotton t-shirt
White t-shirt with silver dots
White lace top (the two white tops can be worn together)
Long navy t-shirt
Long pink tank top

Grey jeans
Navy cropped pants
Navy shorts
Navy print maxi dress, worn as skirt



1. Grey cardigan, grey jeans, blue t-shirt
2. Navy shorts, blue t-shirt, scarf
3. Navy shorts (or cropped pants), violet t-shirt, necklace, hat
4. Navy print dress/skirt, violet t-shirt, necklaces
5. Navy print dress/skirt, white tops, necklaces
6. Navy cropped pants, white tops, hat, scarf
7. Navy cropped pants, navy t-shirt, raspberry shirt
8. Navy shorts, navy t-shirt, raspberry shirt
9. Navy cropped pants (or shorts), white t-shirt, circle scarf worn as shawl

10. (No photo) Navy pants, blue t-shirt
11. (No photo) Bonus outfits: any top plus grey jeans

(That's more outfits than days than I'm gone, but that's fine.)


Annsterw said...

Awesome post! I love that you have planned out everything that can go together as separate outfits! I have NEVER done this-what a concept! I really need to try this for my trips later in the year! Thanks for the great idea!

The Vivenne Files said...

This is so well done - brava!
big hugs,

Mama Squirrel said...

Thank you both!