Sixteen years of Treehouse talk

Sixteen years of Treehouse talk

About Us

Last updated February 2020

We began our family blog in February 2005, with a hamster, a squirrel puppet, and a trio of youngsters who were all homeschooled at the time. The children have grown, the parents are moving into new paths...and the squirrel has lost a little more fur from his nose. We moved from the original family Treehouse into an apartment-sized model with a great view, but more recently we had the opportunity to up-size a bit--and we're back at ground level. (Look for our posts labelled Townhouse.)

Mr. Fixit:  started out in electronics, spent years working for the phone company and then as a network administrator; and is now back to electronics and fixitry, restoring vintage radios and stero equipment. A good Schwabian-style cook and back-deck barbecuer, he also enjoys old slapstick comedies and sci-fi (Star Trek in particular).

Mama Squirrel:  things that spark her interest include Charlotte Mason education, thrift stores (shopping and volunteering), and writing. She recently completed her degree in the field of adult education.

The Apprentice:  a university grad (science/math major) and licensed hairstylist, now working as a legal software specialist. She is the caretaker of two guinea pigs who enjoy listening to her 70's LP collection.

Ponytails: moved from a job in the tech sector to assisting in the purveyance of earth-friendly food and related goods. Enjoys photography and vegan cooking.

Lydia, formerly called Dollygirl, formerly called Crayons: The only Squirreling still in the nest with us, working and making plans for the future. Likes poetry, music, and cosmetology. Also interested in early childhood education.

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