Out of the clouds: 10 x 12 moving-week wardrobe challenge

Emily Carr, Loggers' Culls (1935)

10-Day Weather Forecast: Quite hot, likely showers on some days

10-Day Activity Forecast: Up and down, in and out, back and forth. 

10 Days, 12 Items, Things to Wear

Blue striped t-shirt
Mint green tank top
Teal tank top

Off-white t-shirt

Pink top

While lightweight pullover

Jean-style tencel shirt 

Navy shorts 

Summer-weight jeans 

Teal Chrysalis Cardi: can be worn as sun dress, skirt, wrap/poncho 

Pearl-grey jersey tank dress

Lightweight grey/silver cardigan/wrap

An extra top I added after I found the Emily Carr painting. Not because I needed it, I just wanted it in there.

(Purple and green rain jacket. Maybe I won't need it.)

Sun hat
Striped scarf

Shoes (not shown)
Purse, tote bag



Day 1: Jeans or shorts, White t-shirt, (denim shirt)
Day 2: Chrysalis Cardi worn as dress, (white pullover or silver-grey cardigan wrap)
Day 3: Jeans or shorts, pink top, (denim shirt)
Day 4: jeans, striped t-shirt
Day 5: jeans or shorts, teal or mint tank top, silver-grey cardigan wrap
Day 6: Jeans or shorts, white t-shirt, denim shirt

Day 7: Jeans or shorts, teal or mint tank top, denim shirt
Day 8, moving stuff:  jeans or shorts, Teal tank top (with white pullover)
Day 8, later: add Chrysalis Cardi worn as skirt
Day 9 moving stuff: jeans or shorts, pink top, denim shirt
Day 9: Later: Grey dress, white pullover, (silver-grey cardigan wrap)
Day 10, moving stuff: Jeans or shorts, striped t-shirt, (denim shirt), heavy-duty sneakers.

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