Project 333, Fall 2018, Part Two: Tiny Warm Version

Project 333, October-December 2018: Tiny Warm Version

As the days get colder, the clothes basics change. September staples bring October shivers.

Plus, I'm aware that my current "happy wardrobe" is not exactly a tiny wardrobe. Courtney Carver is the first to say that her numbers may not be your numbers, but still there's a difference between "33, everything" and "60+, not counting anything except clothes." I can't imagine counting sunglasses as an item (although Courtney does),  and I also don't find that scarves and belts cause decision fatigue; but it doesn't seem fair to say you're playing the game if you ignore all the rules. So if I had to map out a core of autumn basics, I'd probably choose these, as the most multi-purpose and multi-weather things I own.
I keep learning things about why my clothes aren't your clothes, and your clothes aren't anyone else's clothes. Recently I tried on a couple of pastel-toned Oxford shirts at the thrift store. Theoretically, I should be in the colour group that can wear light pastels, especially as I get older and my hair is lighter. But no, those pastels are still a no-go for me: pale pink and blue make me look like I'm wearing a (very unflattering) uniform, especially in preppy-style shirts. The blue and white striped shirt (photo below) works better because the colour is more broken up.

One thing I'm leaving off the list: tank tops, because at this time of year, they're mostly under things. Also accessories, other than shoes and purses. Also sunglasses.

Total: 35 items

1 Long navy t-shirt
2 Wine-brown loose short sleeved top
3 Off-white long-sleeved t-shirt
4 Grey long-sleeved t-shirt
5 Charcoal grey brushed-fabric top, 3/4 sleeves
6 Purple, grey and silver party top 
7 Blue denim-type shirt OR raspberry button-up shirt (not sure which one)
8 Blue and white pinstriped shirt
Addition: white shirt

9 Navy marled pullover
10 Raspberry knit pullover
11 Grey snakeskin-patterned tunic sweater 
Upcycled scarf (really more burgundy than purple)

12 Grey cardigan with cutout sides, or grey circle cardigan (I'm not sure which)
13 Wine-coloured button-up cardigan
14 Grey blazer, or possibly the circle cardigan

15 Knit multi-coloured vest
(same vest)
Long skinny purple circle scarf (even circle scarves come in different shapes and sizes)

16 Blue jeans
17 Grey jeans (not sure which pair)
18 Grey cords, or another pair of grey jeans
19 Short grey skirt
20 Brownish-grey leggings
21 Dark grey dress pants
22 Navy pull-on pants
Burgundy wool hat

23 Purple draped dress
24 Plum sweater dress 
(same dress, reversed)
25 Grey-blue turtleneck sweater dress

26 Grey poncho and circle scarf
27 Sage-green jacket 
28 Purple faux-suede coat
(Rain and snow jackets for dirty weather)

Three purses
Four pairs of shoes and short boots
(Snow boots)

Last updated November 22, 2018.

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