January clothes: Back to the Lake

Part One: A winter wardrobe in progress...

She's crazy about this Cashmink® scarf. When she brought it home from the thrift store, her husband thought maybe he should have it (it's unisex, right?), but when she tried it on, he agreed that those colours were quite good on her. (She said that he could still borrow it if he wanted.)
And then she noticed how close the colours are to one of her favourite Group of Seven paintings.
Standing back, it looks mostly green and light grey.
Close up, there is a mixture of teal and other blue-greens, denim blue (maybe it's grey), light grey (maybe it's off-white), and soft pink/peach. 
The teal stripe reminds her of a Vivienne Files post about Mountain Forms by Lawren Harris, from almost a year ago. 

But with a pile of new restrictions looming on top of the usual cold winter, the Vivienne Files post that seems to come closest is this November 2019 story about rushing off to care for a family member.


(Most of the clothes and accessories were bought at thrift stores; exceptions are noted.)

She has several things that come close to the pile of neutral clothes in that heroine's suitcase. 

Long blue and grey waterfall cardigan, which can also be worn as more of a shawl
Grey cotton turtleneck top (bought new)
Grey corduroy pants
Blue jeans

Grey fleece cardigan with buttons and a sash belt
Grey pullover sweater
Off-white long-sleeved t-shirt
Grey pull-on pants (like leggings)

She adds five tops and sweaters in other colours, which makes it a "Whatever's Clean 13":
Teal pullover sweater
Longer blue-mix cowlneck pullover
Blue turtleneck sweater
Lavender-pink shirt 
Green long-sleeved t-shirt

She borrows some outfits from the Vivienne Files post.
Hmmm...this seems a bit darker overall than she wanted. She decides to add in an off-white cardigan to balance out all the grey (that makes 14 pieces of clothing).
She also adds some casual clothes in navy and denim blue (bringing it to 18 items):

Jean-style Tencel shirt
Navy zippered fleece jacket
Navy pullover sweater (more like a sweatshirt)
Navy knit pants (the same kind as the grey ones in the Vivienne Files post, but hers were thrifted)

Which leaves her three wildcard items to make her goal of 21 (not counting outdoor wear):

Teal jersey dress (see details in this post)

Grey short skirt (plus a pair of warm tights)
Long-sleeved orchid t-shirt

And since she really wants one more pink-ish item, she adds this cowlneck sweater she found last year in a vintage-clothes booth.
She also has a longer skirt for unforeseen fancy events. (That would total 23 pieces of clothing.)
But she's not counting on any. 

Outdoor Clothes

Warm coat, snow boots, hat, muffler, mittens.

Part Two: Accessories



Ankle boots and a pair of shoes, for the odd times she'll be out of the house but not wearing snow boots
Tights and socks

Bracelet set (bought from Fierce Lynx Designs)
Gifted jewelry
Thrifted jewelry
Purses (this new/thrifted one, and others that she has on the shelf already)
"Makeup is an accessory too": With some Christmas money, she ordered a makeup sampler set from 12 Blueprints. The interesting thing she noticed is that her photo of the sample packets seems to blend well with the clothes. Which is a good thing, right?

Part Three: Final Decisions

How does that look all together? The winter sun is shining this afternoon, so she gathers up the clothes, and crosses her fingers that the light will hold while she arranges them.
Yep, that seems to work.

(Now she gets to put them all back into the closet.)

Last updated December 27, 2020.


The Vivenne Files said...

As always, this is lovely! You do such an excellent job starting with a core inspiration and building on it. Thanks for crediting me a bit, but I think a lot of this genius is just natural for you!
big hugs,

Mama Squirrel said...

Thank you very much, Janice!

Alice said...

I agree that your wardrobe experiments are always lovely and well crafted! I wish I had your eye and ingenuity :)

Mama Squirrel said...

Thank you very much for the kind words, Alice!