Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Three Pooh Stories in One, by Crayons

Crayons' "Eeyore Loses a Tail" Story (with original additions)

Once upon a time Eeyore losded a tail. And then Pooh Bear finded it. It was at Owl's house. He made it into a bell rope. Well, then Pooh Bear gave Owl a new bell rope. Pooh Bear took a string and then attached a bell to it. And then you should ring it and knock at the knocker. The End!

Once upon a time Tigger didn't have anything to bounce with. So he played with his kangaroo jumpers. You jump over rocks with them and you jump like this.

Remember when Pooh Bear wanted to give his honey to Eeyore? And he ate it all? Take it out and put it back in, take it out and put it back in [what Eeyore did at his birthday]. That's the end!

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