Sunday, August 14, 2005

Crayons' Crafts

Crayons did not get her nickname for nothing. Lately no toilet paper tube, no box, no piece of paper has been safe from her creativity. Earlier this week she told me, "I want to make a paper plate caterpillar. I need paper plates and pipe cleaners." "Where did you get that idea from?" "I saw it on TV. So I have to make one, how about now?" (About five minutes before bedtime, this was. She finally agreed to wait until the next morning.) She did it almost all herself, with a little help punching holes to hold the paper plates together, and Mr. Caterpillar is now on the kitchen wall.

She also brought a book we have that has photographs of dollhouses and dolls, not understanding that this wasn't a craft book, and showed me a photograph of some rather weird-looking dolls. (Parental warning: preview before showing this picture to kids, one doll is a little exposed.) "Can we make this one?" Never one to say no...wait a minute...don't those faces look like white plastic picnic spoons? Which we just happened to have...aha. So, picnic spoon, pipe cleaner and straws for arms and legs, some fuzzy yarn for hair, and a Crayons-created marker face...which looks much happier than the original...and we have our dolly.

And then there are the toilet paper tubes I keep picking up that somehow have been turned into can you throw those out?

I can't.

(Addendum: Ponytails made a doll later; hers is the one with the yellow hair, on the right.)


Tim's Mom said...

So, do you have a picture to share of your plastic picnic spoon doll?

Mama Squirrel said...

No, sorry--no digital camera in the treehouse yet.

The Apprentice said...

We will upload a picture soon!

Jennifer from CHB said...

At our house toilet paper rolls have lately been turned into flattened cell phones.