Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Do big broods bring bliss?

A Washington Post story by Hank Stuever, here, says that while people like to watch feel-good movies about great big families, celebrities (who are still kind of like people, I guess) tend to stick to having only a couple of kids. (If the logical minds out there don't see a real connection between those two statements, I'm with you.)

Anyway, this is the quote from the article I found amusing and I thought some of our friends might, too:
The bias -- not only in Hollywood, but in almost all corners of middle- to upper-class America -- exults the perfect symmetry of a two-child life. A family with more than four children occasionally draws sneering judgment from the cultural elite; it looks messy, home-schooly, possibly even like the kind of family that deliberately doesn't watch television.
Ooh, how subversive.

(How many kids do the cultural elite have, anyway? Or is that the same as being a celebrity?)


Leslie Noelani Laurio said...

That's funny, I always think that the home-schooly families who deliberately don't watch television tend to be culturally elite. Or, at least, culturally privileged.

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

That is hilarious.

tootlepip said...

Tim's mom is right on!