Saturday, June 17, 2006

The logic of yard sales

We stopped at a yard sale this morning and I saw a small set of Sculpey coloured clay in a container of miscellaneous craft junk. I took it up to the seller to ask the price, and she said, "Oh, you're about the third person who's asked about that clay. It's really part of that container of craft supplies." OK, I get it--you're only interested in selling the boxful. How much? "I was thinking $3, but you can have it for $2." So I got the Sculpey kit plus a bunch of other useful stuff (Boondoggle cord, a glue stick, fancy beads, three paintable mini picture frames, dowels, stickers and so on) for $2, in a plastic lunchbox-type container.

And oh yes--like the old joke about the guy who's stealing wheelbarrows--the container itself still had an original price tag on it. $14.98.

And two other people passed up the clay because they had to take the whole works too? me.


Kiernan said...

This is my first time to post on a blog.

I am Elinor Dashwood's mom.

Similar to what was said to you, it always cracks me up when people say, "I'm asking $3, but I'll take $2." ??? Then you're not asking for $3!! :-)

'Annie Sullivan'

Mama Squirrel said...

Hi, Elinor's Mom! Thanks for stopping by!

The Apprentice said...

I got a Pocket Neopet at that yard sale...along with another item for 25 cents. What a find! It even had batteries in it.

And Ponytails got a Polly Pocket for free.

MommyLydia said...

Evidently, God meant you to have it :)