Saturday, November 04, 2006

Thoroughly Modern Priscilla

The DHM has been chatting about old cookbooks, and I mentioned that I own my great-aunt's copy of The Modern Priscilla Cookbook from the 1920's. Other than the fact that it has strange-sounding recipes (meant for those 1920's gas cookers, undoubtedly), I didn't know anything about it or its origins, including the name. I always assumed that maybe The Modern Priscilla Cookbook was an update of something else, like maybe The Old Out-of-date Priscilla Cookbook.

Now it turns out that Modern Priscilla was a magazine, and the cookbook was published as a subscription gift. Who knew?

I'll post more about the book when I get a chance. (Today we're running out for groceries and probably going to check out a brand-new monster thrift shop near here.)

P.S. If you catch this Ebay listing before it runs out, there's a whole table of contents for an issue of Modern Priscilla. Here are some samples:

"The ways of the draped hat- No 11 of a series of articles on hat making"

"A Paris frock copied in every charming detail, Ready to wear after you do the embroidery"

"Quaint patchwork landscapes to grace your walls" Four Cape Cod pictures.

"Shall we have a Breakfast room"

"Women and the need for more money"

"High school: the breaking point" Medical director for Mental Hygiene, Boston

"Readers recipes" Bean and Ham Loaf, Asparagus Salad, Cheese Sandwich filling, Cornflake Apple Dessert, Pineapple Pikelets, Graham Muffins, Green pepper Salad.

"A Valentine Luncheon party with Menu and Recipes"

"Silver Resist designs for China"

"Designs of dresses for 1925"

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