Thursday, February 01, 2007

Happy 100th Day of Homeschool!

This is our hundred day of school this year. Crayons and I have been counting and bundling popsicle sticks since September, and this morning we made it to 10 bundles of 10. So this is how Ponytails, Crayons and I are celebrating (thanks to many Internet suggestions and a few ideas of our own):

Read Psalm 100
Sing Hymn 100: Ye Servants of God, by Charles Wesley
Sing Chorus 100: Living Bread, by Jan Willson
Show the 100 things you brought or that you're wearing (Ponytails wore pants with a hundred stripes, Crayons wore shorts with hundreds of flowers, and Mama Squirrel is wearing a vest with hundreds of little gold balls on it)
Read 100 Hungry Ants
Make big hearts with 100 things we’re thankful for!
Have an 100-word spelling test OR Put 100 words in alphabetical order. (We did 25 words, that was enough!)
Do an 100-piece puzzle.
Have a popcorn guessing game (which jar has 100 popcorn kernels? Answers later).
Bounce a ball 100 times, OR How many times can you bounce a ball in 100 seconds?
Have 100 seconds of quiet.
At 10:30, eat 100. (a pretzel stick and two round cookies)
At 10:40 (the 100th Minute), do 100 exercises and end with 10 cheers.
Guess what you will be doing 100 minutes from now. Set a timer to check.
Do dot-to-dots with 100 numbers, or do a hidden word puzzle with 100 words.
Read Tom Kitten, a book that was published 100 years ago.
Run in place for 100 seconds.
Help fold 100 pieces of laundry. (Amazingly, the pile in the living room did turn out to have exactly 100 pieces of clothing in it! That got us as far as lunchtime!)

Sing some silly 100 Days songs.
Play roll-the-dice and see who gets to 100 first.
Who can stack 100 pennies first without letting them fall? [Our record turned out to be stacking 32 pennies without them falling over.]
Go outdoors and make 100 snowballs. [This is a very cold day! The Squirrelings settled for a few slides down the hill and then making a hundred footprints in the snow.]
Come in and warm up. [Hot chocolate!]
Make a necklace with 100 beads while you watch a movie that is 100 minutes long. (You don’t have to watch the whole movie.) Before it starts, figure out what time it will be over if you watch the whole thing. [Hint on the movie: the big blue wet thing.]
Help make 100 Bean Chili for supper. [Crayons: "I don't like beans." Ponytails: "But this is 100 Bean Chili!" Crayons: "I don't like Chili, either." Mama Squirrel: "Too Bad."]

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Shannon said...

Three years later I am using this post to get ideas for Friday (our 100th day). Great ideas!!! Thanks so much for sharing all these. I plan to do several of the things on your list.