Monday, July 02, 2007

A little rhubarb

That's what we had--our still-skimpy plant yielded up about a cupful of diced rhubarb this week. Enough for muffins, but it was pretty hot to turn on the oven. I flipped through rhubarb dessert recipes, and saw a photo of raspberry-rhubarb parfaits.

Well, we could do that, except we didn't have any raspberries. But we did have some leftover canned pineapple in the fridge. And homemade yogurt, and granola. And a microwave oven...

So this is what I did: combined the rhubarb, the pineapple (about a cupful of tidbits), a quarter cup of sugar, and a spoonful of water in a glass measuring cup. (You probably don't need the water, but I'm still new at microwaving and I wasn't sure if it needed a bit of liquid.) I microwaved it on High for a couple of minutes, until the rhubarb was soft.

Then the girls and I layered granola, yogurt, and the rhubarb mixture in our fanciest stemmed glasses (this amount made five small desserts with no leftovers). We also added a spoonful of raspberry jam on the top of each, mostly for colour, and chilled them until dinnertime. And they were very elegant and delicious.

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Becky said...

If you lived closer to Alberta, I'd send you some rhubarb. I've had my plants for about 10 years, though many of those years have been dry. Last year it started raining, finally, with more moisture over the winter and lots more this spring.

Which means that both plants have stalks that could double for baseball bats, but surprisingly still tender, tasy, and sweet (well, as sweet as rhubarb gets lol). One plant is taller than my 10yo now, and no flower stalk yet.