Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sea songs with Crayons

"Put him in a walnut until he's sober, put him in a walnut until he's sober..."

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Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Oh, this is great! I just love what kids do when they encounter incomprehensible song lyrics.

I also enjoyed your two posts above about frugality. We are not poor nor are we struggling. However, before I married Bruce I was a struggling mother raising two kids alone. Frugality was not a choice. We did without a lot, including mom at home.
When I married Bruce, my ship came in. And for several years I drove him semi-nuts getting all of the things I gave up for all those years of poverty. And then, one day I stopped. I guess I had proven to myself that it was not going to disappear tomorrow. I am in a more balanced place now. I do not stop to get an expensive latte every time the opportunity arises. just because I can. I can't explain it, except by using the term content with what I have. And Bruce's patience with me paid off.
So, though I do not need to be frugal in the same sense as when I was truly on the edge, now I need to be frugal for the sake of...what would I call it? I guess for religious reasons?

Anyway, I enjoyed reading the posts because it reminded me of the importance of counting my blessings and being content with what I have "for richer or poorer."