Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'll have one of those real ones, please

You reap what you sow--sometimes beyond. I have great sympathy for big brother Tim, whose preschool sister Miss M. is horning in on his LOTR books.

A couple of weeks ago I culled some of our bookshelves and put the extras and giveaways in a box. I asked the Squirrelings to have a look through it and please make sure I wasn't giving away anything that they really wanted.

Crayons went through it and came up with a pile up to her knees of books she wanted. Not anything I'd read to her or that she'd read herself--these were books that, for some reason or other, she Just Wanted to Keep. The list included an extra copy of Kidnapped ("I've been dying to read that book!"), a 3-volume Ladybird set about great artists ("Mama, look, it has Van Gogh in it!"), Plays Children Love, Modern Plays, Pauline Johnson's poems, Maryanne Caswell's memoir Pioneer Girl, Hind's Feet on High Places, and a book of Hanukkah riddles. And about three others that I convinced her we did already have other copies of. And a book of fairy tales (do you know how many other books of fairy tales we have?).

Most of those books were nothing I'd pick for a six-year-old. Truth is, other than the fairy tales and maybe the artists, I doubt she'll even find them interesting for a long time yet. But I can see it happening already: the bug is there. This will be a girl who asks for her own box at library sales.

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Betty Canuck said...

Ah, the premonitions! I love the picture!

Kind of reminds me of the time I told the kids to purge some books. The eldest came up with a great solution and promptly handed me his sister's books. "There Mom, you can get rid of all of these, we have to keep the rest."