Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Picture Study: Cornelius Krieghoff

Our second painter this term is Cornelius Krieghoff, who was born in the Netherlands but became one of Canada's most famous 19th-century painters.

Some resources I've found:
The National Gallery of Canada's "preview" page from an exhibition several years ago

Another preview page, which looks at his development as an artist

A page of gift-shop items based on Krieghoff's paintings (I found this amusing)
(Hey, that would be kind of a cool idea for a picture narration, wouldn't it?--Design something else inspired by Krieghoff's work. Besides a T-shirt or a Christmas card.)

Something else fun--which of these two is the real Krieghoff painting, and which is the fake?

A book I want to get from the library: Krieghoff: Images of Canada, by Dennis Reid

And not totally helpful, but a tie-in anyway (and the library has it): a CD of folk music called À la claire fontaine: Music in Krieghoff's Quebec.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mama S.! Some wonderful ideas to add to our Canadian Picture Studies :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed investigating your links and especially the one where you try to determine which is real or fake.

Thanks for sharing!

Eva Atkins

Anonymous said...

Cornelius Krieghoff...I'm not familiar with that artist.
I think the folk music seems interesting!
Just checked my library online...
nothing of his shows up!

Kris said...

Thank you for this great artist! I like incorporating art study with our world geography so learning about this artist is a wonderful tidbit. A great collection of links.