Sunday, November 16, 2008

School plans this week (last week of the term)

What are our goals this week? (Mama Squirrel's homework is to write exam questions for next week.)

Hymns and songs: The Ambleside Online hymn for November is "Jesus Shall Reign," and we've been singing that. We haven't been doing the term's folk song, but we've been singing several of our own choosing.

Bible: the plan is to read 1 Samuel through chapter 20, and we're almost there; and Matthew through chapter 15. Maybe we can build in a bit of review this week as well.

Math: we're caught up on the Miquon pages I planned for this term, but there are lots of things we can work on before exams. This term we've worked on addition, subtraction, multiplication AND started some work in fractions--so I'll try to figure out some fun things we can do this week to review. (Practice in time telling, shapes and money also falls under Math.)

Language workbook: we should probably review again what synonyms and antonyms are. I planned to do a few "thinking"-type pages this week as well.

Memory work: we should be putting a bit of a push on to finish learning Matthew 2:1-12, but if she gets even half of it learned without a hitch by the end of the week, I'll be happy, and we can keep working on it between now and Christmas. Crayons is also supposed to be memorizing a poem, but she keeps changing her mind about what to memorize. I think I'll give her one short thing to work on this week.

Copywork: Not Crayons' favourite thing by any means, but we are keeping up with it.

Spelling: going very well, I've posted about that before.

Among the Forest People: we have a story this week about a Little Bat, and I know that bats interest Crayons, so I'll try to add in a bit of extra nature reading about bats.

Through the Year: I give this to Crayons to read to herself, but it's almost too easy, she whips through the pages and wants to read the rest of the book. This week's three pages about starting bulbs won't take us too long--Coffeemamma loaned us Linnea's Windowsill Garden, so I'll check and see if Linnea can offer any further advice on starting our own.

French: we're supposed to get through Denise and Alain's birthday, count their candles, talk about their clothes, and sing a birthday song.

Composer: we need to finish up Stravinsky.

Artist: we've read through William Kurelek's Prairie Boy's Summer; I think we need to review our 3 K's: Paul Kane, Cornelius Krieghoff, and William Kurelek. I might download some paintings and have Crayons play a guessing game--who painted what?

Poems: I have a few picked out to read this week.

Canada Eh to Zed: L is for Loon, Lacrosse, Lillooet, and Lumberjack. If we get to the library, I'll get out a copy of William Kurelek's book Lumberjack.

Canadian studies: Review David Thompson (briefly). Start reading Barbara Greenwood's A Pioneer Christmas.

An Island Story: the first chapter on Richard the Lionheart.

Child's History of the World: chapter on the Crusades.

Other reading: Mr. Popper's Penguins, The Little Duke.

Pilgrim's Progress: the copy we're using is divided into chapters, so I want to be done Chapter IV; that is, just before Christian meets Faithful. Chapter IV ends with Christian singing:

"Yea, snares, and pits, and traps, and nets did lie
My path about, that worthless, silly I
Might have been catched, entangled, and cast down;
But, since I live, let Jesus wear the crown."


Anonymous said...

Do you have a schedule you follow for Bible readings? I'd love to see a post about it if so, i subscribe to your RSS feed. thank you.

Mama Squirrel said...

We made up our own schedule--I'll try to post it for you.