Sunday, January 18, 2009

Crayons' Grade Two: Plans for this week

I'm going to set up this week's schedule a bit differently, by subject instead of day. That way I don't have to keep saying "Math," "Spelling" and so on ad nauseum.

Copywork and printing practice: Crayons is still copying line by line from my models; I am hoping that later in the year she will be able to copy better from printed material. She is also using Canadian Handwriting Book B.

Memory work: going very well. We are working on poems, catechism, and the words to "Like a River Glorious." I think this week we'll start another poem but keep reviewing Amy Lowell's "Sea Shell."

Old Testament: Stories from 1 Samuel 30 and 31, the end of the book.

New Testament: Matthew 22 and 23: Jesus' teachings and parables to the people in Jerusalem

Bible culture: People of the Bible, Life and Customs, pages 104-105--a birds-eye view of Jerusalem in Jesus' time

Spelling: Word list created on
Language lessons: Punctuation worksheet; using random words to start a story

Math: we have started the Green Book in the Miquon series and are reviewing subtraction

French: Just getting back into this after Christmas--I have to look through this week's lessons and see where we're at

Arctic study: Inuit Life in Nunavik

Canada Eh to Zed: R is for...

Wind in the Willows, chapter 7

Italian Peepshow, by Eleanor Farjeon

Among the Forest People
: "The Wild Turkeys Come" and "The Travellers Go South"

Pilgrim's Progress: taking a week off

Poems: Come Hither, poems 10-12 and 471-473

Songs: still singing Lukey's Boat and Canadian Boat Song

Composer: More about Liszt (we are mostly using You-tube videos right now)

British History: Our Island Story, chapter XL: "Edward I and the Little War of Chalons"

Crocheting and sewing some small things for Crayons' dolls

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