Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wendell Berry on the cost of simplifying

From this interview with Jeff Fearnside in The Sun Magazine. Thanks to Holy Experience for the link.
Berry: They didn’t have electricity. All their technology was nineteenth century. But they were satisfied, and they lived a great life — they made a great life. It was a work of art.

Fearnside: So their answer was to simplify their lives so that they required less income and could do the things they were passionate about.

Berry: They reduced costs, but when you do that, you make your life more complex. It’s much simpler to live by shopping.

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Meredith said...

You know, it IS much simpler to live by shopping. This is why I have no craft or sewing skills at age 34--it's easier (and cheaper) to buy someone else's finished products, secondhand.

I guess I am just grateful that I don't have to shear a sheep and spin the yarn in order to have a sweater!

Thanks for this insightful link!