Friday, September 10, 2010

The flickers reappear

Have you ever seen a Northern Flicker?

They have been visiting our backyard in large groups over the past couple of afternoons, mostly when the sun's out, and have been feasting on something in the grass (probably the ants which seem to be out in full force as well). From our above-ground basement window, we have a perfect view of anything that flies, creeps or hops along the grass, including amazing close-ups of parent and baby flickers.

The last (and only other) time I mentioned flickers on the blog, it was also the middle of September--so I'm wondering if this is one of those annual events that Charlotte Mason said we should note down and look forward to each year. I don't remember seeing them last year, but maybe we just weren't looking for them.


K said...

I just noticed a few Flickers flying through our acreage this afternoon. I too missed seeing the actual birds last year, but I remember seeing the yard all covered with little dirt digs and thinking - aha, the flickers must have been here.
We're way over in Saskatchewan, so location must not have much to do with it, we're south of wherever they spent the summer!

Beck's Bounty said...

I am much further south, so no flickers. However, I do enjoy the patterns of nature and when they happen -- we watch as the first touches of color appear on our heavily forested mountains, watch as a few birds gather until there is a flock and then all are gone -- it's all so intricate, and has been woven into our nature journal entries for years now.

Maybe you can make a note to watch next year ? And maybe you might also enjoy a project like the various counts done by The Great Backyard Bird Count ? We love participating every year.

Happy bird-watching.