Monday, May 07, 2012

What's happening around the Treehouse

We are still settling into some new routines.

Mr. Fixit has been finding things to fix.

This afternoon he's out with the Apprentice, looking for a new mattress set, because the Apprentice and Ponytails switched bedrooms and beds, and Ponytails' old mattress turned out to be on its last bounce.  The Apprentice and Crayons are now sharing the bigger bedroom, and Ponytails can do glam design things in her own room.

The Apprentice is taking a night course at the university, but she's here most of the time otherwise because she doesn't yet have a summer job. (Jobs are generally hard to find right now, and even hairstyling jobs are a bit tricky when you have to quit in September.) 

Ponytails got an excellent half-semester report card.  Her English class is just about finished reading The Hunger Games and will be moving on to A Midsummer Night's Dream.  Some of the grade nines are apparently not looking forward much to Shakespeare.  One student reportedly said, "Who's that?"

Crayons/Dollygirl and I read a scene from The Tempest, a chapter about how inventions are inspired, some of Orphan at My Door, and a chapter from Robin Hood. She also did some multiplication, some copywork, and we tried to see if we could stump Mr. Fixit on Ontario map questions. (What is the large lake southeast of Georgian Bay? If you go south from that lake to Lake Ontario, what Canadian city are you in?)

In the oven:  a pan of  Brownies for a Crowd.  Planned for supper:  fish and tortellini.  Weather: the sky looks like it's about to break open any time.

Coming up later this week:  something involving the number eleven.  Here's a hint.

Photo:  Mr. Fixit.  Copyright 2012 Dewey's Treehouse.


Anonymous said...

I haven't yet said 'good luck' to Mr. Fix-it, so I'll start there :)

The Hunger Games? In English class? Oy.

Tell Dollygirl that 11 is Shmoo's favourite number (though she may already know that)!

Birdie said...

My hubby also has a vintage radio project going on and we may be picking up another vintage radio later. The old radios are so much prettier than the modern ones.

Mama Squirrel said...

Hi Anonymous and Shmoo! We have to get together soon!

Hi Birdie, nice to hear from you too! Did you see the post about Mr. Fixit's Tombstone?

Jeanne said...

From Hunger Games to Midsummer Night's Dream? That's a bit of the sublime to the ridiculous! Who scheduled that one?

Love the word 'Oy'. I am going to use that!