Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dollygirl's Grade Six: Time Traveller Week (updated)

"Camp Doll Diaries" continues this week with a "Time Traveller" theme, so we're working that into our second-last week of school.  Good chance to finish up history studies!  We will also continue reading The Two Towers.

(I am not including our regular opening times, poetry etc. here.)


History (Augustus Caesar's World):  "Hermann the German"
Key to Percents:  page 35.
French:  played Concentration with vocabulary words, but you had to put them into a sentence before you could claim a pair
The Aeneid, pages 170-180: lots of fighting, actually quite a violent ten pages.
Camp Crafts and Time Travelling
The Two Towers
Swimming lesson after supper


Opening:  a poem by George Herbert
History (Augustus Caesar's World): "Farewell Augustus"; we watched a clip from Winston Churchill's state funeral as a comparison
Key to Percents: page 36, 37.
Balance Benders
French:  practice putting vocabulary words in sentences; write sentences using French words for "I want," "you want," "she wants."
The Aeneid, pages 181-189:  the gods all have a meeting to discuss their involvement/interference in the friction between the Trojans and the Rutulians; Venus says it's not fair, Juno says the Trojans deserve what they get, and Jove says he's staying out of it.
Camp Crafts:  made a pair of doll flip-flops plus an ink well and a clipboard for Samantha.
Camp Sports: driveway basketball with Dad


History (Augustus Caesar's World): "The Kingdom of Heaven"
Key to Percents: page 38, 39
Read aloud: Tolkien
Camp Crafts and Time Travelling


Morning activity:  baking cookies at a friend's house (it's a church thing for Father's Day).


History (Augustus Caesar's World): "A New Religion for Rome" (end of the book)
Key to Percents: page 40, 41 (almost done Book 2)
Work on People Pages/timelines.
The Aeneid, pages 190-200
Camp Crafts and Time Travelling
Camper-of-the-week Awards

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