Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Carnival of Homeschooling #472: The Retirement Edition

When Henry asked me to fill in as host for this month's Carnival of Homeschooling, I couldn't say no. I have been part of the Carnivals going back to at least #3 (I checked), and this is the 472nd edition. Also, this is the week that we finish homeschooling forever at the Treehouse. Our last eighth grader will be attending a bricks and mortar school in September, and the Treehouse Academy is closing its doors.
So welcome, old and new friends, to the Retirement Edition! To those of you who aren't even contemplating that stage yet, may you have many more long and happy years of homeschooling.

Home Spun Juggling presents Reading Outside the Books. "I’m still the one learning, even as I am down to my youngest child in my final years of home educating. Here is what I’ve learned about reading."
At Why Homeschool, Henry's daughter reports on her first year at college.

Our Curious Home presents Phew--we got through most of May.

From Prince Edward Island: Life on a Canadian Island presents some unplugged activities, in Weekly Homeschooling Report: An Unplanned Break!
From England: The Tiger Chronicle describes a fascinating field trip in Attending a Victorian Village School.
From Ontario: Dewey's Treehouse presents Homeschooling Reaches its End.

And Andrea at Notes from a homeschooled mom asks, "Is there really such a thing as post homeschooling?"

Some additional entries:

From Australia: Our Worldwide Classroom posted activities about Ancient China, Australia Day, and Charles Darwin.
And also from Australia: Every Bed of Roses sends a list of favourite books and book sources.
 Thanks to all who participated in the Carnival.


Unknown said...


I have been following you this year and have really just started my CM journey. May I ask why you don't homeschool for highschool? I have been planning on homeschooling all the way through, but wondered if there was a reason CM might not work for highschool?

Mama Squirrel said...

Charlotte Mason works fine for high school. If we were doing homeschool all the way, that's how we'd do it.

The reasons we don't do high school at home have more to do with where we live (in Ontario it's still easier to do at least some public-school credits); the spread in ages between our girls; some difficulty in accessing activities for that age; and a couple of other reasons unrelated to homeschooling.

Our oldest actually did do grade 9 at home, using AmblesideOnline. When we were planning her next year, the idea came up of having her take a couple of "fun" credits at the high school along with her home studes. After a couple of semesters, she decided to stay and complete the diploma. She also completed a hairstyling apprenticeship during her high school years, which is something I could not teach! She also discovered that she enjoyed math and science, and I'm not sure she would have pursued that as much at home. So for her it was a good choice. But there were compromises, and I know being in school limited the time she could spend on non-school reading.

"Ponytails" wanted to do high school because her sister had done it, and because she also wanted to take the hairstyling classes. She turned out to enjoy the humanities courses the most.

Lydia has been "home alone" for the past four years, and she is definitely ready for something new. She will be going to a Christian school that we have checked out together over the past few months. We're pleased with the academic and spiritual environment it seems to offer.

So all that is to say that you have to do what works best in each situation. I know people who are forming multi-age learning communities (the CM version of co-ops), and that's one way to keep homeschooling interesting for the older ones and connect with others. I also know people who have kept everybody home, all the way, without co-ops.