Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Quote for the day: An Educational Breakfast

It was decided to begin with Apple-sauce.  
 "How happy," exclaimed Mr. Peterkin, "that this should come first of all! A child might be brought up on apple-sauce till he had mastered the first letter of the alphabet, and could go on to the more involved subjects hidden in bread, butter, baked beans, etc."  
Agamemnon thought his father hardly knew how much was hidden in the apple. There was all the story of William Tell and the Swiss independence. The little boys were wild to act William Tell, but Mrs. Peterkin was afraid of the arrows. Mr. Peterkin proposed they should begin by eating the apple-sauce, then discussing it, first botanically, next historically; or perhaps first historically, beginning with Adam and Eve, and the first apple. 
 Mrs. Peterkin feared the coffee would be getting cold...
(Lucretia P. Hale, The Peterkin Papers)
Apple II photo found here.


Queen of Carrots said...

As a lifelong Peterkin family fan, I have found this chapter to have incalculable effect on my homeschooling choices and practices. :D

Mama Squirrel said...

Did you like the photo?

Queen of Carrots said...

Ha! I had to zoom in to get it. :D